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With Plans To Remodel Your Kitchen

Organic, clean, warm, open, functional and, above all, with all the utilities and ambiance of a work area that is also social.

These are the six elements basically that 2018 brought to the design and decoration of the kitchen, which in the last decade ceased to be an isolated space that was destined only for cooking and to locate an auxiliary dining room to eat daily food in a family union.

“The current lifestyle has made the kitchen an open space, which is the heart of the home, where the family gathers to cook, talk and socialize with friends and relatives when they have their guests or events,” says the interior designer Carlos Antonio Flores, owner of Carlos Antonio Desing, a design company based in Los Angeles, California.

“That is why, nowadays, families seek more than anything a kitchen designed and decorated in a multifunctional way, instead of just looking pretty, because what they want is to be efficient at the time of cooking; as well as being able to socialize with their guests at the same time as they attend them, “adds the 37-year-old designer.

And making clear the concept of the current kitchen, the native of El Salvador goes on to describe the decorative trends that this year brought to this place in the home.

Total integration

The design and decoration of the 2018 kitchen are more versatile and flexible. They incorporate spaces in such a way that they can work with efficient movements to avoid wasting time and include a bar or a central island that is used as a table, either as a work table, study and social interaction zone.…

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